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Troy Makes Your Job Easier.

HOAs Face Ever Present Dangers


Misunderstandings or misinterpretations of laws, codes and other drama can lead to costly litigation. Troy gives you clarity.



Even when insurance is involved, a small accident can lead to big costs. Proper advisement can save you thousands of dollars.



Avoiding costly litigation is Troy’s greatest service to you. When litigation is unavoidable, Troy has the right experience to help you win.

Have a Legal Question? Call Troy Directly at (702) 529-2559

Troy Works for HOAs

You work directly with Troy Serving board members, leaders, communities and management companies.

Anytime you call.
Anytime you just need a little advice.
Or when you need him and his team to take on a major challenge.

Common Requests From Clients:

➜ Filing HOA Liens

➜ HOA Member Voting Rights

➜ HOA Contracts (preparation, examples, etc.)

➜ CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) 

➜ Calculating Yearly Assessment Increases

➜ Filing Annual HOA Reports

➜ HOA Insurance (requirements, responsibilities, types, FAQs)

➜ HOA Claims – Even when insurance is doing their job you should have legal counsel. 

➜ HOAs and Crime (Resident Duty, Liability, Security, Prevention, etc.)

➜ HOA Duty to Act

➜ CC&R Enforcement 

➜ HOA Legal Powers

➜ HOA Representation in Legal Matters

Advice, Assistance, and Action

Documents & Filings

From structuring CC&Rs to annual reporting, a proper understanding of the law is can be invaluable in structured documentation.


Duties to act, yearly assessment increases, filing liens and other legal nuances are inevitable challenges that Troy can make much easier.


Have questions about how and when enforcement of CC&R’s or other legal challenges, just call Troy.

Troy Dedicated His Practice to HOAs

Troy’s decision to shift his focus from leading a large, successful practice to working directly with HOA associations speaks volumes about his commitment to your success.

FREE Guide: Top 8 Pitfalls

Did you know…

There are 8 Common Pitfalls That HOAs Can Easily Avoid?


Kevin McKernon

This Guide Rocks!

Why Is This Guide FREE?

Supporting a well-structured HOA is far easier than repairing a damaged one. Troy is dedicated to assisting HOAs in preventing issues before they arise.

Drawing from his extensive 20+ years of experience, Troy addresses 8 crucial aspects of your HOA to ensure its success in this guide.

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