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Isaacson Law is skilled in homeowner association law and litigation. Troy Isaacson represents scores of associations throughout Nevada. His clients range from small, upscale associations of fewer than thirty homes, to large master-planned communities consisting of thousands of homes, condominiums and townhomes. Mr. Isaacson has not only been working with homeowners’ associations for over twenty-five years, he has authored several articles and taught seminars on homeowners’ association law, including in conjunction with the Nevada Real Estate Division for continuing education credit for community association managers. He has grown into one of the region’s most respected, experienced, and trusted counsels for homeowners, HOA board members, managers, and communities.

Nevada HOA Lawyers

Homeowners’ associations (HOAs) can be quite difficult to manage effectively. Because of their fiduciary responsibility to each of the homeowners involved, legal matters can get quite complex even for the most intelligent folks. Isaacson Law believes that the key to a successful homeowners’ association is having board members who are knowledgeable and informed. That’s why Isaacson Law is proud to offer general counsel services to HOAs, helping ensure they can meet all the regulations imposed upon them. Mr. Isaacson has steadfastly helped people deal with the confrontations of otherwise overwhelming legal issues. If your HOA is in need of general counsel, call Isaacson Law today at (702) 529-2559 to schedule a free consultation.

If your HOA is in need of general counsel, call Isaacson Law today at (702) 529-2559 to schedule a free consultation


When Legal Problems Of Any Kind Arise Count On Us.

While we focus on General Counsel for Home Owner’s Associations, Isaacson Law Group has helped many people persevere through many tough legal situations. You can contact us with almost any legal challenge and we can either help or direct you to another best option. 

We Help You Avoid Chaos Like This.

We had a little fun and made an entertaining video with a message: HOA’s have it tough but Isaacson Law has your back! 


Winning Cases Means The Best Protection For Your HOA

Troy chose to pivot his skills from being an aggressive litigator on behalf of plaintiffs to a staunch defender against claims for homeowners’ associations. This transition is not just about changing sides in the courtroom; it’s about leveraging deep insights into how lawsuits are built and fought.

$ 1

Wrongful Death

Estate of Barrett v. Tow Truck Company
$ 1

Injury from Product Defect


$ 1

Auto Defect

Hyundai Dual-Clutch Transmission Settlement


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