About Troy Isaacson

Troy IsaacsonTroy Isaacson has nearly twenty-five years of experience working with homeowners, board members, managers and homeowners’ associations. Throughout his career, Mr. Isaacson has worked to help his clients make knowledgeable decisions when confronted with otherwise overwhelming legal issues.

In his career, Troy has handled numerous cases through the Real Estate Division, mediation, trial and into appeal involving homeowners’ associations, construction law, contract disputes, and personal injury matters. Mr. Isaacson serves as general counsel for numerous homeowners’ associations throughout the Las Vegas Valley who rely upon his incisive advice. In furtherance of educating individuals and board members on issues surrounding common-interest communities, he has lectured extensively including classes taught on behalf of the Community Association’s Institute and the Nevada Ombudsman for Common-Interest Communities. Troy has worked to assist homeowners and homeowners’ associations with resolving their legal questions in a cost effective and expeditious manner.

Troy is licensed to practice in Nevada and California and numerous Federal Courts throughout the United States. He obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of California, Riverside and his Juris Doctor from the Whittier College School of Law.



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