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This Winning Record Is The Protection Your HOA Needs

Troy chose to pivot his skills from being an aggressive litigator on behalf of plaintiffs to a staunch defender against claims for homeowners’ associations. This transition is not just about changing sides in the courtroom; it’s about leveraging deep insights into how lawsuits are built and fought. 

Troy’s track record of winning lawsuits by understanding the intricacies of each case, identifying weaknesses in opposition arguments, and building compelling cases for his clients is exactly what sets him apart as the ideal lawyer for defending HOAs.




All Defects

Product Defect


Wirsbo/Uponor Class Action Warranty Provided to Cover Structures with Defective Brass Fittings value estimated at $493 Million

Construction Defects


Healey v. D.R. Horton, Inc. 42 Single-Family Homes

Construction Defects


Confidential Construction Defects Condominium Development

Wrongful Death


Estate of Barrett v. Tow Truck Company (Auto Negligence, Wrongful Death of Elderly Woman) Las Vegas, Nevada



Personal Injury


Hyundai Dual-Clutch Transmission Settlement




Samson v. StoneRidge Condominiums (Trip Hazard Created by Improper Lighting)

Medical Malpractice


Confidential Settlement Administration of Methotrexate to Pregnant Mother


Confidential Settlement

Medical Malpractice Erbs Palsy as a Result of Delivery

Product Defect


Confidential Settlement Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death

Your Best Protection From Litigation

Troy’s extensive experience litigating at the highest levels has equipped him with a unique perspective on defense strategies. By foreseeing risks that others might exploit, Troy can protect HOAs by ensuring that they are not just reacting to an unexpected lawsuit, but preventing potential legal challenges before they arise. His approach involves a comprehensive risk assessment for the HOA, identifying areas where they are vulnerable to legal challenges, and implementing strategies to mitigate these risks.

It’s Troy’s commitment to the Las Vegas community and his understanding of the local legal landscape that make him particularly effective in defending local HOAs. His familiarity with state and local laws governing homeowners’ associations, combined with his negotiation skills, allows him to resolve disputes efficiently, often without the need for costly litigation. This not only saves resources for the HOAs but also maintains the harmony and integrity of the community.

Defects Continuation

Here Are a Few More Successful Cases.

Construction Defect


Two Crows Development Single-Family Home Construction Defect


Whisper Creek 21 Single-Family
Homes Construction Defects


Vegas Star Homeowners’ Association
989 Condominiums


Horizons at Seven Hills v. Goose Development Construction Defects Condominium Conversion


Calvada Valley (Pahrump) 3 Single-Family Homes Construction Defects


Latigo Construction Defect Condominium Conversion


Lamplight Estates North 14 Single-Family Homes Construction Defects


Marquesa Condominiums 48 Condominiums Construction Defects


North Meadows West 8 Single-Family Homes


Tramonto Community Association 48 Condominium Units Construction Defects


Sunrise Ridge Homeowners Association – Las Vegas, Nevada (154 Condominiums, Construction Defects)


Village at Craig Ranch – North Las Vegas, Nevada (185 Single-Family Homes, Construction Defects)


Tropical Breeze 27 Single-Family
Homes Construction Defects


Crescendo at Silver Springs Homeowners Association (36 Single-Family Homes and Common Areas for Homeowners Association, Construction Defects)


Del Prado Highlands North – North Las Vegas, Nevada
(154 Single-Family Homes, Construction Defects)


Siena 28 Single-Family Homes


Eagle View Estates – Henderson, Nevada (26 Single-Family Homes, Construction Defects)


Northbrook III – North Las Vegas, Nevada
(49 Single-Family Homes, Construction Defects)


Aspen Hills II – Las Vegas, Nevada 17 Single-Family Homes, Construction Defects)


Cimarron Meadows – Las Vegas, Nevada (33 Single-Family Homes, Construction Defects)


Rio Vista Estates – Las Vegas, Nevada (51 Single-Family Homes, Construction Defects)


Peccole West – Las Vegas, Nevada (Single-Family Home, Construction Defects)


Symphony West at Hidden Canyon – North Las Vegas, Nevada (61 Single-Family
Homes, Construction Defects)


Madrid Estates – Las Vegas, Nevada (3 Single-Family Homes, Construction Defects)


Legacy Courtyard Association – Henderson, Nevada (131 Condominiums, Construction Defects)


Geary Fam. Trust v. Sun Colony Single-Family Home Construction Defects

Product Defect


Vanguard/Viega Class Action (Product Defect – Excessive Corrosion of Brass Plumbing Fittings) Warranty Provided to Cover Structures with Defective Brass Fittings value estimated at $98.5 Million


Confidential Settlement Product Defect Condominium Complex

Non-Disclosure of Defects


Webb v. Celebrate Properties, LLC Non-Disclosure of Defects in Single-Family Home

The Best Defense is a GREAT Offense

Troy’s transition from suing companies to defending HOAs underscores his versatility and mastery over the legal process. His ability to adapt his litigation strategies, his proactive approach to legal defense, and his deep commitment to the community he serves, make him the perfect ally for any Las Vegas HOA facing legal challenges. With Troy on their side, HOAs can feel confident in their legal standing and focus on what they do best: creating a safe and thriving community for their residents.

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