Class Action Lawsuit For Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Class Action Lawsuit For Hyundai
Veloster Turbo

On November 22, 2016, Nicholas Wylie and Shawna Wylie filed a lawsuit on behalf of themselves and all similarly-situated individuals who purchased or leased any Hyundai Veloster, Hyundai Sonata (Eco) and Hyundai Elantra (Eco) vehicles equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (“DCT”). The lawsuit has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California against Hyundai Motor America alleging breach of warranty, unjust enrichment, among other claims for relief.

According to the Complaint, Mr. & Mrs. Wylie allege that when they purchased their vehicle in 2015, it came equipped with a defective DCT. Among other items, the Wylie’s have experienced stalling, unusually slow acceleration, a failure to shift and a loss of power. The defective transmission poses a significant safety issue. Despite repeated attempts, Hyundai has been unable to resolve these problems.

In their Complaint, the Wylie’s note that the same transmission comes in certain Hyundai Tucson models which were recalled by Hyundai in September of 2016 because owners were experiencing similar issues. However, Hyundai failed to recall their Veloster or any other model equipped with the same DCT.

In filing this lawsuit, the Wylie’s seek to hold Hyundai Motor America responsible because of the defective vehicle they were sold and because Hyundai failed to inform them and other owners about the transmission problems, which had they known, would have caused them to purchase a different vehicle.

Mr. & Mrs. Wylie have requested a trial by jury and seek to have Hyundai Motor America recall the defective transmissions, disgorge any ill-gotten profits, restitution, court costs, interest and any further relief the court grants. Plaintiffs in this case are jointly represented by Troy L. Isaacson and Norberto Cisneros of the Isaacson Law law firm in Las Vegas and Jordan L. Lurie, Tarek H. Zohdy, Cody R. Padgett and Karen L. Wallace of Capstone Law APC in Los Angeles.


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