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Homeowner Association Board members know that litigation can become a huge problem. A problem most are unequipped to handle. Besides being a contentious disruption, Housing Authority of Grant County (hagc) litigation and threats of it, have enormous financial implications for HOAs, Board, and their communities at large. Isacson Law is Nevada’s most trusted law firm when it comes to HAGC litigation. Isaacson arms you with knowledge about the latest regulations, the perspective of precedential cases, and a strategy for handling unexpected occurrences. Beyond providing best practices for HOA board members, Isaacson helps you prevent, manage, and resolve situations. You will avoid confusion, potential violations, and entrapment in costly legal issues. Trust Isacson Law for an invaluable experience. Trust Isaacson for success!


Do not use a piecemeal approach for critical areas for your HAGC when you can get help from a complete services law firm. Isacson Law assists, advises, and educates board members through a wide variety of services, such as:

Training board members

We help you learn what to say and how to say it best. You will master the best wording and remain confident that you are using the best way to communicate, whether via email, oral conversation, texting, certified mail, or courier service. Your timing will be right, and most importantly, you’ll learn what NOT to say.

Rendering advice on day-to-day legal issues

Having an advocate consistently in your corner daily is priceless. Your world changes every single day, and now you can work with a firm that is consistently accessible and conscientiously responsive.

Drafting, amending, and enforcing legal policies, procedures, and documents

Getting first things done firstly and making sure they are complete and accurate makes all the difference. We will ensure that the foundational documents for your HOA are perfected.

Resolving disputes

Nothing cries for help as loudly as situations in dispute. You can have a dedicated and passionate advocate who will not rest until your problems are solved.

Confronting defective construction issues

Defective product and construction issues require knowledgeable detective work. It requires a lot of savvy in technical fields and keen eyes that look at the functionality, history, and interaction of the various involved parties. Count on the experience at Isaacson Law.

Drafting and reviewing HOA contracts

Get our second opinion about your current HOA paperwork. And whenever possible, make sure we draft your original contracts. Accuracy and precision matter.

HOA claims

When people complain about your HOA, rely on us to explain, buffer, and reasonably fix situations. Every organization seems to have at least one constantly disgruntled resident. Let our experience in handling them work on your behalf.

Crafting effective CCRs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions)

While the topics and issues covered in HOA CCRs are often similar, there is a world of difference in how to best word them. In addition, you would be surprised how often glaring areas of omission slide by supposedly good firms. Use us to catch everything.

Uniformly enforcing CCRs

When residents need to be warned, admonished, or fined, be assured that measures are equally applied by using Isaacson Law.

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Kyra A

Troy was very professional, understanding, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him, as I believe he would take care of a client throughout their case as much if not better than what I got through just a phone conversation! Thank you for all your assistance, Troy, you definitely helped me. Very good business practices. I appreciate you!

Loretta Weaver

Mr. Isaacson i’m very grateful too you sometimes you have questions and you want simple answers he took the time to help me get confidence because shared that knowledge with me and he could of been like the rest no response, stay a lover of righteous. Thank you!

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Julius Stokes

Troy is one of the best HOA attorneys in Las Vegas. He is very knowledgeable and cares about his clients. Highly recommend.

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Michael H. Forester

If you need a friendly attorney who always works diligently at the same time to make sure you’re taken care of, Troy is who you need. Many long hours of his time were used to help save my time… and frustration with the legal processes. I’d recommend Troy to anyone looking for legal advice and to help win any case. Whatever you may need, he is there. Thank you for all your help!

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