Quick Settlements May Not Be In Your Best Interests

Quick Settlements May Not Be In Your Best Interests

As part of our work, our firm interacts with numerous insurance companies and claims representatives. For the most part, these are decent, hardworking folks, doing their jobs. Unfortunately, their jobs often entail working hard to minimize the amounts paid out and the time involved handling claims. This work ultimately leads to higher insurance company profits.

One tactic that benefits the insurance companies is the quick settlement. Settling early means the insurance company spends less time adjusting a given claim. Thereby, this minimizes the resources and manpower needed to run the day-to-day business. Settling too soon also ends the case before discovering the full nature and extent of the harm.

If contacted by an insurance company seeking to resolve your claim, it is important to know whether you are done treating. Knowing whether all injuries have manifested themselves and have been fully treated can make the difference between a good settlement or a nightmare.

Often times, insurance companies seek to resolve a claim the very same day or within a week of an incident as the individual may be working with less than full information, including the amount of money you and your health insurance company incurred. It is important to know that when settling a claim, your health insurance provider often has a right to reimbursement. If you settle for too little, this could leave you holding the bag on money owed to your own health insurance provider.

In our practice, we can assist you in navigating the insurance company waters and getting you the best resolution possible for you and your family. For assistance with your personal injury claim, please do not hesitate to contact our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Isaacson Law for an appointment.


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