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Reducing the Risk of Construction Injuries

Whether a single-story home is being erected or a skyscraper, construction sites can be extremely dangerous work zones if safety protocols are not respected and enforced. When a construction accident occurs, liability may fall onto the shoulders of a foreman, supervisor, or the parent company. But stopping construction accidents from ever happening starts as everyone’s responsibility.

If you want to do your part in preventing construction accidents, remember these 3 tips:

  1. Insist on safety equipment: From flying wood shavings to falling objects, construction sites of all sorts will have their share of regular hazards. Each job will need some sort of safety equipment, like gloves, gobbles, a hardhat, respirator, and so on. Never begin working until you have been provided the right safety equipment to give you as much protection as required. State and federal laws are in place to protect you from retaliation for refusing to perform a task that would have put you in grave danger. If you are denied the right safety equipment, you may want to contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  2. No operation without training: Just as you need the right equipment to complete a task safely on a construction site, you also need the right knowledge. Swinging a hammer or using a screwdriver may be fairly intuitive but many jobs and machinery on a construction site require extensive training. Do not operate anything if you have not been fully trained to do so. Otherwise, you could injure yourself or others around you.
  3. Check-in frequently: A lack of communication on a jobsite is a dangerous thing. Whenever you are performing a task that could become dangerous, check-in frequently with your foreman to let them know things are going well. If they don’t hear from you at a regular interval, they should be tipped off that something went wrong. Supervisors should have a constant awareness of all workers on a jobsite, but it does not hurt to reinforce that standard yourself. If you are working near others, do them a favor and ask that they communicate with you frequently as well.

Of course, all the safe planning in the world cannot fully protect you from a construction site accident, especially if other workers are behaving negligently, a supervisor is not monitoring the situation, or the parent company won’t provide adequate resources. If you do get injured in a construction accident, or even by a construction defect, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys from Isaacson Law can help you file a claim against the liable party.

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