Personal Injury

Car Crashes

Car crashes can be traumatizing experiences that have long lasting ramifications on your life. While many people dismiss car crashes as a common risk of driving, speaking to an attorney if you were injured or sustained damage during an auto accident is vital. At Isaacson Law, our skilled Las Vegas personal injury attorney has been advocating for people who have been in car crashes for over 35 years. Our proven track-record speaks for itself!

When you work with our fantastic attorneys you’ll find a team that:

  • Maintains the highest ethical standards.
  • Keeps you informed throughout the litigation process.
  • Provides individualized and reputable representation.
  • Makes sure to know the full ins and outs of your case.

What To Do After a Car Crash

The actions you take following a car crash are critical – not only to your health and safety, but also to your claim. If you have been in a crash, remain calm and remember these simple steps:

  • Stay at the scene. Call the police and wait for them to arrive so they can write up a police report.
  • Check for injuries. If you or anyone is injured, call for an ambulance immediately.
  • Get information. You should get the following information:
    • The other driver’s license place, insurance information, contact information
    • Witness contact information (names, phone numbers, emails, etc.)
    • Take pictures of the scene, your injuries, your car, and anything that you think may be helpful
  • Don’t admit fault. Even a simple “I’m sorry” can be interpreted as you taking responsibility for the crash. Do not apologize or say anything that may hurt your case.
  • See a doctor. Many people feel fine after a car crash, but that does not mean that they are not injured. Some injuries do not appear until hours after the initial incident, so it is always a good idea to see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Contact an attorney. An attorney can help you investigate the liable parties, negotiate with insurers, and make sure that you are able to recover fair compensation for your injuries. Have the Isaacson Law firm guide you through the process.

Helping You Move on From Your Incident

If you’ve been injured in a car crash it can be difficult to move forward and get back to living your normal life. That’s why our firm is dedicated to helping our clients put their best foot forward through litigation that can begin to start the healing. Our passion is providing straight forward legal advice that helps families move forward from their incident with optimism and confidence that their future is bright.

Our years of experience litigating personal injury cases involving car crashes in the Las Vegas valley has given us the wisdom necessary to provide our clients the support they need during their case. Whether you were in a head-on collision, were hit by a drunk driver, injured in a hit and run accident, an uninsured driver, or another type of automobile accident, we can handle your case with the professionalism and ethics you need. When you trust our team, you’re trusting Las Vegas personal injury lawyers who are invested in your success.

If you’ve sustained injuries or damages from a car crash in the Las Vegas area, contact the Isaacson Law firm at (702) 529-2559 to schedule a free consultation.