Who Is Responsible For
A Multi-Vehicle Accident

Who Is Responsible For
A Multi-Vehicle Accident

While most car accidents consist of two vehicles, about 12% of them involve three or more vehicles. Multi-vehicle accidents, also known as chain reaction collisions, are often present legal complexities since several parties may be responsible for the crash, injuries, or deaths.

One primary issue is that it is difficult to determine exactly who was responsible for causing the collision. Drivers typical blame each other and witnesses may not know who or what specifically caused the accident. In some cases, however, multiple parties may be responsible.

Nevada is considered a “tort” state, which means that injured parties are able to sue the at-fault parties for damages. In no-fault states, drivers are not able to file lawsuits against each other. In a tort system, the full amount of compensation can be recovered from the at-fault driver’s insurance policy, as well as additional damages – such as pain and suffering – not provided in most auto insurance policies.

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